Day 2: in which I start bitching about the heat.. already.

June 2, 2008

Day two.. Oh God, I am in hell. All over again, I am feeling toooo hooooottt.. Too hot.

I am sitting here listening to Kenna and sucking down Metromint and thanking God above for the sweet blissful breeze I feel from the A/C vent above my desk. And no, this isn’t an Ad Blog, I just like to share. I’ve had Kenna in my head for days and had the song “Sun Red Sky Blue” in my head in the past two classes I have taken. It’s a great song, you should check it out.

But this blog is about yoga. More importantly, this blog is about Day TWO of my Challenge and the unREAL heat I felt today. Day two, only day TWO and I feel like I am in hell again. Before I start whining about the heat, I should say I had an OK class today. I actually felt awesome for the majority of the standing series. And even had an awesome hold on my Standing Bow. So those are all good things. But I was sweating literally, and I know this is silly, LIKE A PIG.. Sweating and sweating and sweating and sweating and OH GOD is that my sweat on the carpet?? YUP it is, and HELLO, yes Jen I will gladly pay to have the studio carpet cleaned because really OMG did a man just stand here and do that?? Nope, that was me, and OH GOD the sweat today. I was sweating so much, in fact, that I reached under the stage and got another towel because my Yogitoes was so soaked I had puddles – OH MY GOD – puddles under my shoulder blades. Puddles that I had created, by the way by the FOURTH posture. I even went so far as to move Jen’s tea (I was right next to the stage) over so as to not sweat into it during Triangle. I’m a giver, what can I say?

Yes, it was hot. I tried not to think about it. I really did. I tried to Zen out and imagine myself at the beach. That didn’t go so well. I did keep my sense of humor, however, when Jen decided she’d help me find that rotation I needed in Floor Bow. I laughed through the whole second set, which is way better than the crying I usually want to do in the second set of Floor Bow. So, I did have fun, even in my pool of.. yeah.. ew.. I managed a pretty amazing Ustrasana, where I almost saw the back of my mat. But I was hot. Really really hot. I could have been a bit dehydrated, I guess. I mean, it IS Summer and even as much water as I tried to consume yesterday I wonder if I had enough.

And then there’s the issue of that detox. That ugly little word I try to ignore when I am pouring water off of my body. Bikram didn’t design the series, and the heat, and all that sweating for nothing. He knew what he was doing. And apparently my body got on board today with the detox party.

So, tomorrow’s another day. And I am sure it will be different. The good news is that I felt awesome and empty and wrung out after class. I didn’t cry, or whine (OK I did whine a little) to Jen after class. Just to Dave. And he said I wasn’t allowed to whine again. So, tomorrow will be all positives, I promise.

I’m off to drink more water.


3 Responses to “Day 2: in which I start bitching about the heat.. already.”

  1. Daren Says:

    A bit early to start the complaining indeed. I’ve done my first in the 60 day challenge and will be there this evening for “numero dos” but my goal this time is no H2O in during class, Sunday went well – but one class at a time..

  2. mammaren Says:

    No water..

    Not worthy..

  3. […] Oh the HEAT today. I LOVED it and relished it. My morning class was hot hot and my evening class was WET! Both were great and I am feeling much better about dealing with the heat and humidity. I was struggling with it earlier in the Challenge, if you recall […]

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