Day 24: Losing Count.

June 25, 2008

I’m losing count of the days/classes ratio thing. Tonight I did class 29 in 24 days and it was wonderful. I was sandwiched between some of my favorite yoga friends and loved the energy in the room tonight. I’m starting to really pick apart a few of my postures. Pranayama and Trikonasana were the ones I focused on tonight and really really saw some progress. I also took very little water tonight which really felt good. This experience is so rich for me and I really am enjoying watching things unfold in my body. It feels gooooood to pull and pull and pull on my legs in some of the stretching postures and feel all of the vertebrae open up along the back of my spine.

Anyway, I have to be up early for my class tomorrow, so I will cut this short. Thanks to everyone for encouraging me. I love you all.


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