Day 29: PUSH!

June 29, 2008

I love Zeb’s class.

I slept late today, like realllly late, and it felt AWESOME. I got close to 11 hours of sleep last night. YEAH! So, I went to 4:30 this evening and I am so glad I did. There was something really good going on in class. First of all, it’s awesome to have Zeb back (even if he only teaches occasionally). He’s just… Good at pushing you, good at encouraging you, and good at being, well… Zeb.

This evening’s class was pure energy for me. I never once considered skipping a set or a posture the entire class. I worked hard, and I loved it. Maybe all the rest, or all the relaxing I did today. Who knows, I was right there.

I’m loving that now that my practice is getting stronger, I am more able to really push in class. It used to exhaust me. I’d push too much too early and not have enough to make it through the class. Now, pushing myself gives me energy. My body is getting really strong. My legs are getting leaner and more flexible, and I’m moving deeper into postures I used to struggle with.

As an aside, one of my Challenge friends Sherrilyn broke her toe! She is off the mat for six weeks. This makes me very sad. She was halfway finished. I will miss her smile and standing next to her at all those early classes.

I’m going to bed soon. See you all tomorrow.

35/60 (if you’re counting… I am)


One Response to “Day 29: PUSH!”

  1. I’m glad you were able to get some rest! I took today off to let my body have a little break, so I’m expecting a great class tomorrow. See you soon…

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