Day 73: Nearly there.

August 12, 2008

Today was my fourth straight day of doubles.  Tomorrow I will finish my 90.  It’s a little bittersweet.  I’m really going to miss marking classes off on my sheet every day.  Ah well, plenty of time to be emotinal tomorrow after class.

Today I had Alisa Matthews, the current Women’s Yoga World Champion for both classes.  She and Ball Rattanapong, the current Male Champion, are both teaching at BYTW this week.  It was nice to have a new teacher and to have her.  She’s lovely and I really liked her class.

I’m kinda worn out, so I am going to cut this one short.  I will write a nice, long, squishy blog tomorrow



3 Responses to “Day 73: Nearly there.”

  1. juliana Says:

    Aww!! We had Alisa and Ball in my area last month – they were super fun. You know who I think Alisa sounds like when she teaches? Glinda the good witch. It’s completely adorable. 🙂 And congrats… you are sooooo close….!!

  2. mammaren Says:

    OH my god, you are SO RIGHT! LOL

    They’re awesome!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Hi K…
    Alisa and Ball were in Vegas a month ago. I had Ball teaching and Alisa in the front row practicing. Gorgeous practice that one!
    Glad you got to experience that!
    Michelle from Vegas

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