October 8, 2008

Oh boy.  It’s been a while.  Truth?  I wrote a huge, long “update” this weekend and decided not to publish it.  Yeah, I know.  It had pictures and everything.  But alas, I did not publish it.

I’m doing fine.  Many of you, whom I speak with regularly anyway already know most of what’s going on with me.  You know my daily ups and downs.  For those of you who are outside of that loop, rest assured I am just fine.  The pace has picked up considerably in the last week, and blogging has kind of fallen to the side in my priorities.

There really is no way (for me, anyway) to really describve this experience.  I’ve tried, many times, and my attempts always seem so feeble.  I came to the conclusion last week that overall, this Training is impossible to understand unless you are actually here or have been here before.  And yes, even despite my very eloquent writing skills, I feel like writing about it is a little empty.  It’s beneficial, for many personal reasons and it certainly keeps all of you connected.  But in general, I’m not very good at the chronicaling of this 9 weeks, that I initally set out to do.  Which, to be honest, is just fine with me.  I haven’t got the time to be that diligent.

So, on a practical note, we’re here in the middle of week four.  Posture Clinics are rocking along and as I said before, the pace seems to have picked up quite a bit.  I’m not comlaining one bit.  As per the usual, the weekends are so restorative for me.  This past weekend I got a cold, which I am still nursing.  Seems we all have some kind of something we’re dealing with.  I’m just glad it’s not in my stomach.

Classes are..  well, fine.  Good and bad.  You know, the same.  Overall, I definitely feel stronger.  You just never know going into that room what’s going to happen.  The easiest thing to do is to just have no expectations and let it go.

I hope all of you are well.  I’ll try to write more later this week.  Namaste


One Response to “Check-in”

  1. tarah Says:

    hi there… been following your blog… i completed the spring training in acapulco. i enjoy your posts, and completely understand the ups & downs! you hit it right on the nose – “The easiest thing to do is to just have no expectations and let it go.” hang in there girl… your family is beautiful & in a few weeks you’ll have accomplished something so profound! soak up your time there… believe it or not, you’ll miss it one day! much love, tarah

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