Hi my name is Karen. I am a 29 year old stay at home mamma to 2 boys. I am also a Bikram addict. I found Bikram Yoga many years ago and have continuously been amazed at how this yoga has transformed my life. I currently practice at BYTW. I love to share my passion for yoga with others.

When I’m not sweating it out on my mat in the hot little orange room, I can often be found writing, blogging, reading, or making music. I am also passionate about raw food and holistic health. My family is my life and I am blessed to have their support in my yoga journey.

Someday (eventually, in the future) I hope to attend Teacher Training and share this amazing gift. For now, I can write. Thank you so much for reading.


Edited (8/15/08)

I am now planning to attend Teacher Training in four short weeks!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to share this yoga with others!

3 Responses to “About me”

  1. Heather Weis Says:

    I am still on the fence about whether I am going to attend class during my pregnancy or do it at home with a space heater. With that being said I often google bikram and pregnancy to find out more info and today a link to your blog popped up during my google search. What an awesome and inspiring blog. You stand next to someone in class but don’t always know their story so thanks for sharing yours. And now after reading your blog I know that even if I end up doing Bikram on my own at home during this pregnancy, I can and will come back. Taking a break will not end my love of Bikram. See you soon!

  2. Hi, Karen –

    Would love to have you add your experiences to http://www.bikramfinder.com, the new social network for hot yoga fans. I imagine your passion for the practice would inspire us all + win a few new converts to Bikram Yoga.

    Namaste, Tiger

  3. Nicole Says:

    You might want to update your last paragraph 🙂 You are going to Teacher Training.

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