I wrote this post for a site that I have been contributing to called YogaBudo.  Please wander over there and see some of the other things I have been writing.

I took (yoga) class this afternoon at 12.  It was a great class, with one of my very favorite teachers.  I wasn’t sure how it would go seeing as how I’ve been fairly exhausted lately.  But Tuesdays are my day off and I was determined to get on the mat.  I slept better last night than I have in weeks and woke feeling more rested than I have in a very long time.  So, the noon class seemed like the best choice for me.  I was rested, dressed and ready.

I got to the studio, got my mat, water, towels and went in the room.

Hello heat, hello dizzy!!  Why am I so dizzy?  Only breathing?  Ha!  Wow, Roy looks so tan.  I need to go to Spain.  No NO NO Focus!!!  Half Moon, ahhhhhh.  I am the queen of the backbend.  I can do any backbend any time I want.  Oh wait, not the forward bend.  OUCH OUCH OUCH!!  Hamstrings, I hate you.  Warm up, Balance.  Kick out, hold it.  Lock the knee.  Why did I wear these shorts?  No no NO FOCUS!!!!  Touch it, touch it!!  Touch the forehead, now the top of the head.  Man, I used to not be able to do this.  I am super yogini.  I am the awesomest.  I love you Triangle, I hate you Triangle.. Toe stand.  Snap, crackle, pop. Right knee not cooperating.  Forget it.  Just do the posture, no don’t do the posture, where is my balance?  Change, sweat, water, breathe.  Mmmmm, water. Floor…

Spine, so stiff.  Not the queen of the backbend anymore.  Stupid Cobra pose.  More heat.  Why is it so hot?  Sweat sweat sweat.  Bow pose.  Balance on the hipbones?  Is she serious?  I wonder when LOST comes on again.  Oh look, water break.  Mmmmm  water.  oh.. maybe not.  No water, nasuea.  Ugh, I know better.  Almost there, can do it.  CAN DO IT.  I would marry you all over again, Camel.  I am super yogini..  WILL NOT skip Rabbit.  WILL NOT.  Ouch, neck is stiff.  Shoulders, so stiff.  Must do the posture.  Did it get hotter? Oh wait, I feel cool air.  Stretch, twist..  Breathe.  Water..  Done.

Focus, I ain’t got it.

Whew what a day this has been. First of all HELLO! to the massive onslaught of new readers I have. Hi, welcome. Please leave your shoes outside and wait until after the third paragraph to take water. hehe..

Anyway, WOW what a class today. Miss Jennifer said it was “Happy Yoga Day!” So, there ya go… Class 20 thankyouverymuch! And YAY that means ONE THIRD of the way through this Challenge. I haven’t decided whether the day off served me well today or not. I did struggle a bit with the heat, and I think I was a little dehydrated. But even so, I felt a lot of my more difficult postures are improving. I drank too much water too fast and got seriously nauseas in Locust (why, oh WHY can’t I learn??). But I felt great after and that’s what it’s all about, right??

One thing I am working on a LOT is trying to spend the class looking at MYSELF in the mirror. I usually don’t have any trouble with this on postures where I need the mirror, like Standing Bow. But in Pranayama, I can NOT get the eye contact. It’s usually sometime around the middle of the first set of Half Moon that my eyes meander up from the floor or my bellybutton and I finally get it. But I think learning this discipline is foundational in developing a stronger practice. And I really want to get it.

Despite what I have said before, about the distractions in the room, I am generally not that easily distracted in class. I tend to maintain pretty good focus, but the eye contact thing is a struggle for me. I’ve come a long way, though, as I can remember many a class early on where I never looked at myself ONCE in the mirror. Now that’s not good. Looking in the mirror and focusing on yourself is a huge thing for most people. For me, it’s about accepting what I see (good or bad) and learning from the exact reality of my reflection. I’ve come a long way, but of course have so much to learn.

What surprised me today is how much of the dialog centers on this idea of “focusing on yourself in the front mirror.” In fact, the dialog is riddled with this command. Maybe I wasn’t actually listening all those classes?? Hmmm??

Anyway, thanks to Daren for linking me from the BYTW site. Thanks to everyone who’s come over to read and I hope to see you all very soon!