Day 27: Sore no more.

June 27, 2008

Something has happened. I have my “old” spine back. I got up early today and took Jessica’s 5:30 class. Now, usually I am stiff early in the morning. But today I wasn’t nearly as stiff as I have been. Could it be? The yoga is working?? Could this be true? Of course, it’s not really an old spine. More like a brand new spine. Thank you Boss, I’ll take it.

Whew and only 27 days in. Can’t believe I’m about to say this, but this is FUN! Yes, I said fun. Today’s class felt like a dream. I loved the way it felt. And I almost slept in. Silly me.

Process, indeed. I did a backbend in the third part of Half Moon today that even I couldn’t believe. My spine has been so tender for so long I kinda didn’t expect to even see the wall much less see where the wall meets the floor. But WOOHOOO.. Fall back for sure, and I loved it.

OK friends, I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Kombucha. I blame Jessica, entirely. It’s her fault, I swear. Nothing is better after a class than an ice cold Guava Kombucha. Try it.

Alright, I have much to accomplish in this day. So I am going to leave you all. Looking forward to seeing Roy tomorrow at 7:30. Who knows, maybe Daren will be there. 😉