Day 19: Gentle

June 20, 2008

Hello again everyone! Tonight’s class was wonderful, as Sheila’s classes always are. Tonight I decided to be a bit more gentle with myself. I’ve been really sore the past week or so and felt the need tonight to “take care” a bit. It helped, and I feel much better. Padahastasana still humbles me. But I am learning, and appreciative.

Not much else to report from the mat. It’s late and I should rest so I can do this all again tomorrow.

Be well everyone.


First I have to say this; doing doubles ROCKS! No, really, it does. For some reason doing two classes gives me more energy than doing only one. And I can use all the energy I can get these days.

Now, I also have to say that my spine is MAD at ME! Seriously cranky here. But the yoga is the only thing that makes it better, apart from massages from Arnie. And since I can’t get massages daily (oh to dream) I take my cranky back to class. It is there, on my mat that I feel all better. But really, how far away IS the floor? I mean, really? Padahastasana never used to take me this long! The good news is that once I am down there, I’m good. The descent, however, sometimes makes me feel old and sore and well… OLD! My cranky spine also has taken a particular disliking to Half Moon. And the backbending, that used to be the worst thing ever for me, is now the easiest (well, comparatively).. See, isn’t yoga exciting??

But I’m not complaining. Because my spine will be all shiny and new again soon. At least that’s what they tell me. And since the Challenge is, indeed, a process I refuse to be discouraged. I know that trying to judge the overall benefit and effect of 60 days of yoga now is futile. That’s like pulling the cake out of the oven halfway through baking. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

mmmm cake..

I digress..

So now I’m 22/60. Feels good. Maybe tomorrow my back will stop arguing with me and go for it. But I still love you, spine.. I love you, even when you make me feel old and decrepit. Even then, and I will take you back to that hot little room. Giddyup, Half Moon…..

I love Saturday morning class. I always have. The early Saturday classes are often not as crowded, which helps too. This morning Arnie taught. It was a fantastic class. Perfect heat, good focus, good energy. I stood beside Daren, one of my favorite people to practice beside. I felt really really strong. Probably the strongest I have felt all week.

Today’s class was the kind that reminds me why I want to go to training, why I want to teach, and why I love this yoga. I found so much space in my body today. In Ardha-Chandrasana, I found the deepest backbend I have had in weeks. I just relaxed, letting go of the tension I have been holding for so long. It felt healing, and I felt a release that left me dizzy (this is GOOD!) during Pada-Hastasana. And since we’re on the subject of Pada-Hastasana, HELLO does this posture really kick my butt. It looks so deceptively easy. But it ramps up my heart rate right off.

The rest of the class was great. Again, grabbing my foot in Dandayamana-Janushirasana and using proper form in Dhaunrasana. I also feel much more confident with my balancing postures. Space, much more space. The Spine Strengthening Series is getting easier for me and I am finding Salabasana to me much less of a problem as my shoulders get stronger.

I left the studio today feeling SO good. I drank less than a quarter of my water, which is HUGE for me. And I am inspired to see how this new approach is going to affect my Challenge. Tomorrow I will do a lot of yoga with regular class and Advanced class earning me 3 more on my way.

I am going to try to take pictures in Advanced tomorrow to post here for you all to see..

Happy Saturday!