Well kiddies, I went back for a double tonight. It was a great great class. I struggled in Triangle a little, with my feet literally slipping out from under me. coughthecarpetwaswetfrombeingcleanedcough… Uhhh.. Not that it should matter. But they were really.. slipping… out from under me.

SO! Onwards and upwards!

Hi, my name is Karen, and I sweat like a MAN! And no, not just any man, a SWEATY MAN! Thanks, yes, I’ll stay away now. Woweeee did I sweat tonight. I don’t usually like to wax philosophical about sweat but OMGHOLYMOLY did it pour off of me tonight. See and here’s the thing, I actually like it. Yes, yes.. I do. I LIKE it. I like the way it feels to flush my body hardcore and when it’s over I feel brand new, my skin literally glowing. So I’ve had TWO very very sweaty classes today and I’m just way too happy about the amount of sweating I did, apparently.

Forgive me, I’m a little loopy. It’s late, I need to eat, and oh yeah I just might be high on yoga. Might be. Stay tuned.

Oh and the backbend. Well… I have to say, not as awesome as earlier today. But I did feel I could breathe deeper and stay longer. So, there’s progress.

I will see you party people tomorrow.

Namaste 😉

Did another Advanced today with Cynthia!! YAYY!! Moving on to class 13! Almost a quarter of the way home. I had a pretty good one today. It was really fun, engaging, and lighthearted. Didn’t feel quite as strong as on Sunday, but still rocking right along.

I’ve noticed a few strange things happening the past few days that I thought I’d go ahead and mention. One, my appetite is GONE. Totally gone. I can honestly say I haven’t really felt hungry in days. Probably since Saturday. I’ve been eating, still, knowing I do actually need calories to burn doing all these classes. But mostly it’s been salads and wheatgrass. Nothing exciting, just fuel. I tried to have some dried fruit and BLECH! the sugar made me almost want to vomit. So, just greens, and some juice for now. I am sure I’ll be ravenous once again, eventually.. you know, in the future.

Second change is WOW are my eyes dry. I wear contacts and even if I put them in right before class my eyes are so dry I almost have to remove them after class. This seems ironic to me seeing as how I am sweating BUCKETS in class. Maybe the heat/humidity dries them out?? No idea.

Lastly, and this is one of those “too much information” confessions – you’ve been warned, I am realllly unhappy that my skin is breaking out. UGH, it has to be detox because I was free and clear of any of these annoying bumps a week ago. And along the lines with skin annoyances are my poor feet. I got a pedicure today and the bottoms of my feet are so dry I think the woman wanted to run in fear. Sweat + carpet = Not good. Just saying. Also, since I’m sharing, the dry patches on the tops of my fingers are growing every day. Sexy right?? I know, and all thanks to this Challenge.

So overall, everything is great. I’m no worse for the wear. But I may need a dermatologist soon.. Just sayin’.

Keep on keepin’ on 😉