A few thoughts before sleeping.

December 9, 2009

I did something to my body yesterday in yoga class. Something, something.. no idea what exactly.

I have these days where I do a lot in a day. Many times I teach two classes, I will practice a yoga class, and even train once (or even twice) with my budo teacher. I consider it amazing that I am fit, well and capable enough to do that much. Some see it as crazy, insane, even nutty. You’ve done what today? For me, it just is the practice. The practice of teaching, the practice of practice, the practice of training. I differentiate between practice (yoga) and training (budo) simply for clarity’s sake. Ultimately, it is all practice. Practice practice practice.

I’m a firm believer in do. Do what you can do. What you cannot do, you strive for. But what happens when you cannot do because your body says no? The most obvious answer is that we stop, rest, recuperate and come back slowly.

I’m not good at resting. I’m not good at stopping. I’m not good at slowing down.

As I sit here typing, thinking of my day with no yoga, no budo, no exercise or practice other than putting away laundry and tidying up the house, I feel like I have not done today. I have not pushed myself. Or have I? Is the inability to do, and the requirement to not do, my practice? In theory this should also work in the reverse, right?

I’m trying to see it that way.

Having pain in my body, of any sort, is not overly alarming to me. I know the difference, quite well, between injurious (bad) pain and irritation and sensation from hard work. I know when my back aches whether it’s going to hurt for a day or two or a month. I’ve experience both ends.

I’m not afraid of whatever thing has happened in my body. I’m not really worried that I’ll be immobilized or in pain for an extended time. No, I’ll get a massage tomorrow, take a very gentle class, use the steam room, take hot baths, and continue on with my life.

The anxiety for me lies in the desire to keep pushing. I want to train hard, practice hard, and push forward. But I cannot do that. I have to back off. I have to exercise enough humility to know enough is enough. Maybe for a day, maybe for a week.

That’s my practice for now – to not do.


4 Responses to “A few thoughts before sleeping.”

  1. ahappyyogi Says:


    Just found your blog, I do Bikram yoga and Budo as well, what kind of Budo do you practice?


  2. Cristina Says:

    How do you find it to combine the two arts yoga and budo?

    I practice Bujinkan, http://www.bujinkan.com, and I started Budo before I started yoga. The yoga has helped me over several injuries and I see now that if I will continue with my budo my body needs to be much stronger and that I will gain through the yoga.

  3. mammaren Says:

    Christina, I started doing yoga over ten years ago. I began my budo training about nine months ago. Bikram Yoga is my *first love* and probably will always be. I have dabbled in other yoga styles and have always found Bikram is what clicked for me. The yoga compliments the budo and the budo compliments the yoga. I find that the yoga keeps me physically supple and strong. The budo strengthens me mentally. I am still very new to budo and have much to learn. I think the two disciplines blend rather well. However, there is a totally different body awareness between the two. Many times I find that I have to clear the slate a bit when I am practicing yoga and doing budo training in the same day. Going from the yoga mat to the training mat is getting easier for me. They are surely two very different disciplines. But I am enjoying exploring both.

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