Well, first of all, I am not sore. I went to bed SO incredibly sore I was near weeping when I pulled my aching frame under the sheets. But something happened between 11 pm and 7 am and I woke up with zero soreness anywhere. Really. I was so done with it yesterday evening that I told myself that if I woke up feeling stiff again, I was taking a day off. Nothing, not even a tight hamstring today. This yoga works, believe it.

Arnie taught 9:30 today. I haven’t been in that class in a while, but I love it. There’s so much energy in the room. There are a lot of “regulars” there every day. I took my new favorite spot and had a good class. It was HUMID to the max and my body moved well. I am thinking maybe taking it easy on myself yesterday paid off today. I was able to work a bit deeper than I have in a few days. Anyhow, boy was it a long one. Arnie taught a one hour, 49 minute class. I was feeling it by the end. I had a hard time in the first set of Ustrasana and ended flat on my back for fear of blacking out. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t especially overheated or nauseas. But I couldn’t get myself even into the setup without the room seeming to spin. Second set was awesome and I felt that really killer stretch all the way up and down my body. So good.

So, since I’m always looking to educate myself further about my practice, this yoga, and all things Bikram, I have a special thanks to give today. Social networks are amazing things. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace – they all bring us closer together. I think the Bikram world especially is tight in the virtual world. And since I never pass up an opportunity to live my life on the web, I really love it. I had the amazing opportunity recently to “converse” with Mary Jarvis on Facebook. Mary is the founder and owner of Global Yoga San Francisco. She is also a deeply respected name in the Bikram world. Mary offered me some fresh insights into my backbends. Since the Challenge began I have had a love/hate relationship with all things backward bending. But recently I’ve been having some discouragement and frustration with my backbends. Since Mary is all about the backbends I asked her for her insights. She gave them to me. My life and my spine will never be the same. Mary encouraged me to try some new things, do a few things differently and GO FOR IT!!!! I’ve been working on it. Today I finally felt it in the third part of Half Moon. I finally felt the zen of the backbend. I’ve heard about it. I’ve read about it. I’ve wished for it. Today I got it. And yes, Mary, I did squeeze the shit out of my hands! So, Mary, thank you. Thanks for encouraging and instructing, even from far away. You are a legend, and I long to meet you one day. Eventually, in the future. 😉

I’m considering a double today. I’ll keep you posted.


Day 40: Pain

July 10, 2008

Oh the pain in my spine. I woke up this morning exquisitely sore from last night’s class. I was tearing up during Half Moon. Yeah, pain..

Pain, or discomfort, has its place. There’s good pain and bad pain. Sometimes good pain brings us farther along in our postures. Sometimes pain damages. Sometimes pain teaches us that we are totally lacking in something. My pain is teaching me that there are imbalances in my body. My pain is showing me that where I have flexibility, I lack strength. Where I have strength, I lack flexibility. It’s teaching me that I have abused my joints and done stupid stuff to myself over the years. My pain is teaching me to work harder on set ups and pay closer attention to the words in the class. Left hip forward means left hip forward. Right foot out means right foot out.. All for good reason. No excuses.

I feel so much better now. The series always shows me that it works. I have renewed faith in the process after every 90 minutes. Even if I start off the class in tears.


Day 27: Sore no more.

June 27, 2008

Something has happened. I have my “old” spine back. I got up early today and took Jessica’s 5:30 class. Now, usually I am stiff early in the morning. But today I wasn’t nearly as stiff as I have been. Could it be? The yoga is working?? Could this be true? Of course, it’s not really an old spine. More like a brand new spine. Thank you Boss, I’ll take it.

Whew and only 27 days in. Can’t believe I’m about to say this, but this is FUN! Yes, I said fun. Today’s class felt like a dream. I loved the way it felt. And I almost slept in. Silly me.

Process, indeed. I did a backbend in the third part of Half Moon today that even I couldn’t believe. My spine has been so tender for so long I kinda didn’t expect to even see the wall much less see where the wall meets the floor. But WOOHOOO.. Fall back for sure, and I loved it.

OK friends, I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Kombucha. I blame Jessica, entirely. It’s her fault, I swear. Nothing is better after a class than an ice cold Guava Kombucha. Try it.

Alright, I have much to accomplish in this day. So I am going to leave you all. Looking forward to seeing Roy tomorrow at 7:30. Who knows, maybe Daren will be there. 😉


First I have to say this; doing doubles ROCKS! No, really, it does. For some reason doing two classes gives me more energy than doing only one. And I can use all the energy I can get these days.

Now, I also have to say that my spine is MAD at ME! Seriously cranky here. But the yoga is the only thing that makes it better, apart from massages from Arnie. And since I can’t get massages daily (oh to dream) I take my cranky back to class. It is there, on my mat that I feel all better. But really, how far away IS the floor? I mean, really? Padahastasana never used to take me this long! The good news is that once I am down there, I’m good. The descent, however, sometimes makes me feel old and sore and well… OLD! My cranky spine also has taken a particular disliking to Half Moon. And the backbending, that used to be the worst thing ever for me, is now the easiest (well, comparatively).. See, isn’t yoga exciting??

But I’m not complaining. Because my spine will be all shiny and new again soon. At least that’s what they tell me. And since the Challenge is, indeed, a process I refuse to be discouraged. I know that trying to judge the overall benefit and effect of 60 days of yoga now is futile. That’s like pulling the cake out of the oven halfway through baking. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

mmmm cake..

I digress..

So now I’m 22/60. Feels good. Maybe tomorrow my back will stop arguing with me and go for it. But I still love you, spine.. I love you, even when you make me feel old and decrepit. Even then, and I will take you back to that hot little room. Giddyup, Half Moon…..